My name is Julia.  I grew up in Urbandale, Iowa and moved to Southern California for graduate school in 2009.  There, I studied applied anthropology, focusing my thesis on the undocumented immigrant student movement sometimes referred to as the Dream Act Movement, Dreamers, or an array of other titles.  After finishing my course work and thesis research, I moved to Seattle, Washington with my boyfriend Evan so that he could pursue a Doctorate’s degree in Music.  I currently am working at a small business that does archival quality reproductions of artwork from museums all over the world.  It is owned and operated by my aunt and uncle.  In my free time, I work on my thesis so that one day I will finally have that Master’s degree.

Living in Seattle has many perks; like everything I need is in walking distance, I can take the bus to work, and be part of a vibrant and inspiring community.  However, the weather is a big downer for me.  The constant gray painted on the sky makes color and life feel muted.  As an aspiring, self-taught photographer, creating art feels more challenging.

I consider this blog to be a space for things that inspire and interest me.  While there are blog genres that people try to fall into to optimize their SEO or their readership, I try to maximize my ability to share my experiences.  I am on a never-ending search for my true passions that lead me to try almost anything.  Thus, to blog about any one thing would be ignoring my path and reality.  While I find rules and guidelines easier to follow and am sometimes frustrated by my inability to be content doing any one thing, I have also realized the awaiting potential I have is big.  And that pushes me to understand that I am dedicated to the process and not the outcome.  (Though, I will probably have to read this every day to remind myself of this.)

To give you an idea of what I might talk about, here is a an array of interests I have developed and have enjoyed expressing in the past:

food, healthy eating/living, exercise, cooking, baking, DIY, crafts, knitting, people, anthropology, Dream Act, immigration, social justice, youth, activism, video montages, documentaries, books, reading, traveling, photography, my cat, sloths, and volunteering

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Valerie Pena says:

    ya girl, right on sista!!!

  2. Stacie Shewmake says:

    Sounds great, lady! Living your dreams, true to yourself 🙂

  3. bfryman says:

    I hope you have been able to cope with the weather. How have you acclimated?

  4. Karen Coate says:

    Julia, I stumbled upon your blog while I was looking for a soup recipe. I started reading and completely understand your frustration with the weather. I live in Cleveland and it is so gray here most of the winter. I found a solution that makes me smile as well as continue my love of gardening year round. Have you heard of the Tower Garden by Juice Plus? I am growing all my greens I use in smoothies as well as herbs with grow lights. It is fantastic. Check it out and let me know what you think! Take care and hoping you see some sunshine soon!

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