Notes from the Weekend

Confession: This was actually last weekend, but the point and the photos are still the same 🙂  Enjoy!

We had one of those rare winter Seattle weekends full of sunshine.  These happen a few times throughout the winter and they are always such a nice surprise.  Of course, everyone in the entire city had to spend it outside and I was definitely one of them.  I spent it visiting approximately 3 bodies of water, all within the city proper.  Excessive? Maybe.  Beautiful? Absolutely.  I thought I would share some snippets of the weekend with you.


On Saturday, E & I headed to the arboretum, where we will be getting married in July, to check out the venue again and scope out possible ceremony locations.  I was surprised by how many blooms were already sprouting and the colors already appearing on trees and flowers.  It legitimately felt like spring.  The arboretum is located next to Union Bay, which connects Lake Union to Lake Washington.


blossoming tree

Nature’s chandelier anyone?

nature's chandelier

golden gardens

Later that day, I met up with Marie and we headed to Golden Gardens park that overlooks the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.  By the amount of people who were there, you would have thought it was the warmest day in summer!  We then stopped for Paseo’s sandwiches and took them to Peddler’s Brewery.  That place rocks.  Not too busy (yet), so has a pretty chill vibe.

marie and i at goldern gardens


Croissants for days!

croissants for days

On Sunday it was again too nice not to be outside.  I decided to take a stroll over to Eastlake and stopped at a French Bakery & then made my way over to Lake Union.  I was lucky enough to find a quiet dock all to myself in the sun.  It was magical.  I snapped some photos of my walk back from Eastlake over the University Bridge.

lake union dock

lake union


Obligatory Seattle house boats.

boat houses

I-5 bridge

sail boat from university bridge

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. bfryman says:

    Its so pretty up there and there are a ton of things to do.

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