Taste Tested: Minimalist Baker’s Black Bean Brownies & Peanut Butter Mousse


Recently I’ve been working to up my bean consumption to aid my digestive system.  This was recommended by my nutritionist.  I’ve made black beans and white beans from scratch and this week I’ll be making chickpea croutons.  As I was thinking about what else I could do, I remembered a recipe one of my friends sent me about 6 months back.  It was the Minimalist Baker’s vegan black bean brownies.  I figured they would be a great addition to my bean goal especially since I am also trying out the whole gluten-free thing.  These brownies have absolutely no flour and really, a minimal amount of sugar.  (On an aside, please forgive my horrible photos, I took these at work one day….)

black bean brownies with peanut butter mousse

Here’s the thing.  The brownies on their own are really freaking good.  They are airy and moist and super chocolate-y.  Everything you’d want in a brownie.  Also, the idea of making them in a muffin tin is genius.  They get the firmness on the outside and top rather than remaining super gooey, like I  imagine they would do in a regular dish.

I made my beans from scratch and I do not own a food processor, so I blended all the ingredients in two magic bullet containers and then combined them into a large bowl.  I divided the recipe in half, so that each container had the same amount of ingredients.  While the magic bullet did an ok job, it still left a few chunks of beans.  I think they would be even more delicious if I had a better processor.  Besides that, these brownies are excellent and I’m getting the extra boost of beans aka fiber and protein that my body needs!

And then the next day after I made these, Minimalist Baker posted this recipe for vegan peanut butter mousse.  She even suggests that it would be great with the brownies.  Well, let me tell you, the flavor combination is out.of.this.world.  I felt like I was eating a crazy fancy buttercream cupcake at Trophy or Cupcake Royale (for those Seattlites out there).  In addition, both recipes were ridiculously easy and took me almost no time at all to compile.

black bean brownies with peanut butter mousse

The review: Make these.  And make them soon.  I promise you, you won’t regret it.  Just be sure to really blend up the beans and use fancier cocoa powder.  Having a slightly nicer cocoa powder really does make a world of chocolate-y difference.

Oh! And in case you’re interested, Minimalist Baker posted ANOTHER black bean brownie recipe in the time it took me to write this up… And this one?  Peanut butter included!

What are your favorite dessert recipes?  Do any of them include beans??

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  1. Oh my wow! These look great. I originally had the idea of putting the PB mousse on these muffins, but then I totally forgot once I was photographing! Glad you made the connection anyway! Thanks for sharing. Really appreciate it!

  2. Stina Soderlind says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to share this with my friend, Candy, who is allergic to wheat (not simply gluten), so she has to do without so many things. Here is something she can enjoy.

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