Weekend Photos

plantains with black beans & rice

I made fried plantains for the first time along with “puerto rican” black beans.  This meal reminded E & I of Venezuela, which made us very happy.  I put puerto rican in quotes because I followed a general recipe that said it was puerto rican but I’m not sure how accurate that was.  Also, I followed it loosely so again, not totally accurate.  The secret is lots of fresh lime juice and bacon, of course.  I had forgotten how much I like lightly cooked kale.  I might eat it every night this week…

sunrise in Seattle

We had the most beautiful sunrise on Friday morning.  I took this picture while riding the bus on my way to work.

cat and the heater

E’s mom sent us a new space heater for Christmas that we just received.  It uses less electricity and heats up a room about 10x faster than our other once.  We’re all pretty happy about it, Mona included.

portage bay mug

We had a leisurely brunch at Portage Bay on Sunday.  It was delightful and I got a giant slice of gluten free bread smothered in jam.  I was pretty happy about it.

What did you do this weekend?

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