2013 Goals in Review

This time last year I set some pretty major goals for myself in the upcoming year.  It was a daunting list, full of big dreams that I hoped would be a reality.  I’d like to share what those goals were and how I did on them.  Before I do, I just wanted to say that I like big, scary goals.  If I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t be able to do the things in life that I really want to do.

1) Graduate with my MA.

This was the most important goal I had in 2013.  After 4 years, I was ready to be done and begin working on my next big project and goals with anthropology and qualitative research.  I hope some of my new goals will be realized in 2014!


2) Have a full-time job with benefits.

I started 2013 jobless.  I had just finished working on an education campaign and had no idea where life or a career would take me.  I feel so fortunate to have been offered a job at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  It has been a fun and very gratifying journey that will continue to take me many places!

Pal program co workers


Mona is very excited about me having a job too.  It means she can have all the Darwin’s she wants!

3) Run my first marathon.

My running goals took a big nose dive early on in the year.  In late March, I ran the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon (my second half marathon) in training for the Vancouver Marathon in May.  I could tell while running that my knees hurt but I figured they would heal afterwards pretty quickly like they had in the past.  But they didn’t heal and continued to worsen.  With the increased weekly mileage, the pressure of a half marathon in the middle of my training was just too much.  I spent several months in physical therapy and with no running at all. I have since begun running again.  This time, I’m slowly transitioning into running more and plan to train for some shorter races and maybe even a half in the next year.

While I didn’t get to realize my racing dreams, I did get the opportunity to travel to Iowa and support my friends in theirs!  I was so happy to get to visit everyone and see them accomplish something so big.

Dam to Dam

4) Become stronger & fitter.

Going through physical therapy really highlighted the weaknesses I had from being solely a runner.  I learned more about the importance of cross training and what it actually feels like to be strong.  In July I started doing Pure Barre which has made me feel infinitely stronger and toner.  I absolutely love these classes and am excited to continue them!

Pure Barre Challenge

5) Lose more weight.

When I made this goal, I was hoping that I could lose another 20 pounds, which is pretty big number.  I’m ending the year 9 pounds down from where I started and I feel pretty good about that.  I’m hoping to continue this goal.

6) Spend more time in nature.

In comparison to past years, Evan and I really nailed this one.  We went on many hikes in this beautiful part of the country we live in.  Most of all, we got to spend time with friends and each other while doing it and that’s the best part!  That being said, I hope to go on even more hikes in the future.

hiking to poo poo point

Evan & I hiking

Hiking with Friends

7) Publish something.

When I wrote this I had intentions on publishing an article.  My MA thesis is on ProQuest, so I decided to count that.  I also gave a presentation at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting so I figure that counts too.  Not exactly what I was hoping, but I’m working on it.

8) Work on paying down debt.

This one has been really, really hard.  But I’m doing it.  When I started this goal I didn’t have a plan of how to actually accomplish this.  Now I’m in the midst of it and motivated to make it happen.

9) Travel somewhere unexpected.

I’m actually surprised at how much I was able to travel this year.  I feel so fortunate that I had these opportunities.  I traveled to Los Angeles/Long Beach twice this year, once to defend my thesis and the other to go wedding dress shopping with my sister!  I traveled to Iowa in June for Dam to Dam and again to spend the Holidays with my family.  I traveled to Lake Chelan and Spokane for work this year – two definitely unexpected places!  I also went to Portland and Vancouver, BC to watch Evan run 2 marathons and got to see a good friend.  I went for a quick trip to the Oregon coast and traveled to Chicago for AAA.  All in all, it was a lot of fun and again, I am so thankful.

Erin and Me in Laguna

10) Practice photography.

My last goal was a little random, but photography is definitely a hobby of mine.  Well, probably it is for most people.  While I didn’t get out my DSLR too much this year, I had fun exploring iphone editing apps and taking what photos I could.  It’s really nice to look at my camera roll and see all of the memories I managed to capture this year.  One editing app I discovered this year is VSCO.  I joined their grid and two of my photos were selected to be shown on the main VSCO Grid page.  I felt super honored by this because the photos I take have special meanings to me and I take great care in what I shoot.  The first photo they chose, was one of the photos I took immediately after Evan proposed to me.  We walked around on the beach in Discovery Park taking in the moment and emotions and the huge life change right in front of us.  A very special moment to capture indeed.

vsco grid

Besides these goals, other big things happened in 2013.  The most momentous was Evan and I getting engaged.    I also got to see Evan transition from school to a professional musician.  I saw him play at many music festivals and concerts with so many different groups like The Dip, Beat Connection, and Pickwick to name a few.  We’re so excited for 2014 and everything that is to come!

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  1. well done!! such an eventful year for you 🙂

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