Ballard Market

I stopped by the Ballard Farmer’s Market this weekend to purchase some goods for a gift. I also managed to get some good things for myself.

produce from the farmers market

Green onions.
Bag of turnips.
3 peppers.
Golden beets.
2 Bartlett pears.
2 cold season peaches.
2 Italian plums.

First of all, can we talk about the purple pepper?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one (or I’ve forgotten if I have). They’re a sweet pepper. I’m very excited to see what kind of pepper they’re most similar to.

I’ve been really into turnips of all kinds lately. They’re tender and have quite a delightful, mild flavor. The small white variety that I got tend to be even more so. I’ve been eating cut up in salads but I’m hoping to roast some this week with other root veggies.

The green onions are for this cashew chicken recipe that I plan on making this week.

Plums & pluots are in abundance here, along with pears. The peaches are cold season peaches? I’m pretty sure that’s what they said. Anyways, their first picking of the season was this weekend. They’ll ripen up in two days if left at room temperature. Can’t wait to eat them later this week!

bouquet of flowers

I also got this beautiful bouquet of flowers for only $5!! Seriously insane. I felt like this combo was the exact kind if fall-ness I needed in my life right now. So perfect. The best part about buying flowers at the market is that they mix in flowers that have yet to bloom. I always find new surprises throughout the week. It’s fun to not know what will be coming! Or what color it will be.

farmers market peppers

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