First Snow


drain spout

What started off as a lot of rain, turned into this…

snow on houses

It’s our first snow here in Seattle and my first snow in two years.   I have found that this type of weather is providing the perfect excuse to spend the day listening to NPR and knitting my first herringbone scarf.  I spent last night re-starting the scarf six times.  Knitting with new techniques can be confusing.

sleet with stonesThe thing about this snow though, is that it’s really more of a sleet.  The ground is soaking wet rather than dry and fluffy.  In fact, it started off as rain, slowly turned to sleet and quickly turned to snow for a brief second and went straight back to sleet.  My preference is if it’s going to snow, give me the real stuff- not this fake, wet mush.

concrete wth sleetWhile I’m constantly disappointed by Seattle’s weather, be it gray, rainy or this; there still is something magical about the first snow.

housesI still love Seattle as a vibrant, urban center but it’s the weather that I could do without.

leavesI’m hoping that someday the awesomeness of the people and the things here will trump the weather.  For now, the weather is beating me down but I haven’t given up.

sleet on leafHere’s to new beginnings.  In a new place. In a new year. With many things ahead.

Is anyone else so seriously affected by weather?


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  1. Lucy says:

    This is the kind of stuff we can get in Houston, like, maybe once every couple years. Last year we got sleet and ice covering everything for a couple days. I really miss real, fluffy, white snow, that has that insulates the whole environment, making everything just a bit quieter and softer. Watching snow fall is just so romantic, while cuddling under blankets with hot chocolate or chai lattes… so yeah, you could say I’m affected by the weather. I think it’s part of growing up in an area where you really get to experience the full force of every season. You learn to appreciate and love those differences. 🙂

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