What I Ate Wednesday

First off, I want to say sorry for having let so much time go by since my last post.  Life has been moving and warping in very different ways for me lately and I am very excited to feel like I am progressing.

Anyways, I’ve decided to join the Wednesday bandwagon.  So many of the food blogs I love to read do this and so I figured why not?  WIAW, is usually a photo synopsis of what you consumed that day.  I personally have found it super interesting to see what other food bloggers that I admire eat on a regular basis.  I feel like it’s a fun and informative way to suggest healthy eating rather than telling you just to eat healthy.  I will admit, I haven’t done this in the past because I’m afraid that I’ll eat something horrible on a Wednesday and then everyone will wonder why I write a food blog in the first place.  But I’m past that.  Good or bad, it’s what I ate and if I’m embarrassed to say I ate it, the more important it is for me to say it.  And with that…

Breakfast 9:30 AM

I totally failed to eat before leaving the house…I ended up going to the post office before work to pick up some packages and by the time that was said and done, I was rushing out the door for work.

I take the bus to work everyday.  It’s an easy commute and allows me some personal time. I recently started reading The Grapes of Wrath since apparently, was not a requirement for my AP English class in high school.  So far I absolutely love it- it’s so descriptive and, minus the old school language, the issues seem relative to what is happening in our society today.  There’s definitely a lot to be learned from reading books from generations past.

Anyways, on my walk to work, I stopped at Specialty’s bakery for a yogurt blueberry muffin from a local bakery and a small chai latte.  I sat and let myself enjoy a few more minutes of reading before heading off to work.  Joad just found out that his parents were kicked off their property-juicy stuff.

Lunch 2 PM

white beans soaking

After a late breakfast, lunch didn’t sound appetizing until later in the day.  I had some of this week’s crockpot recipe and a tiny little apple.


This week, I made a white bean, spicy sausage and kale soup in the crockpot.

white bean spicy sausage and kale soup

It’s not anywhere near as delicious as last weeks crockpot chili.  If I perfect the recipe, I will post it on here, but for now I will just say that forgetting to put the wine in at the beginning and then deciding to throw it in at the end does NOT give enough time for the alcohol to cook down.  Then when you go to eat up your food for lunch at work, it will smell like you are eating alcohol.  Point is, I’ve learned my lesson.  Next time I think, “eh, what harm could this do?”  I will definitely have to think twice before ruining a gallon of deliciousness.

Snack 7 PM

After work I took the bus to the flagship REI because  decided to join a running club and need some things.  Yep, you heard it here first.  The first club run is tomorrow.  They are training for the Mercer Island half marathon…yikes!  While I may not feel ready to jump in to 13.1 miles in two and a half months, I am excited to be around a group of people doing something active.  Tomorrow we are running four miles!  I haven’t been running for oh, the last year and a half, but I’m still going to try.  I got everything I needed for the run tomorrow: Earwarmers and a hilarious headlamp (you know, because it’s dark here at 4:30 every day).  I also got a pair of minimalist shoes. I was told that running in them actually helps with shin splints (something I suffer from) and I figured I would give them a try.  I’m not going to run in them tomorrow because you have to slowly break them in.  Anyways, I finally got home around 7 and I was STARVING!  I grabbed a mojo bar and got ready to head to the gym.  I figured I should probably get a run in tonight to prepare for tomorrow, so I ran 2 miles on the treadmill.

mojo bar

Dinner 9:30 PM

If you start the day late, you will most likely end it late.  Or so I’ve learned.  I was totally planning on grabbing something mildly unhealthy on my way home from the gym but lucky for me, I forgot my wallet at home.  Instead, I roasted half of a huge green cabbage for dinner.  Chelsey, from one of the blogs I read regularly had posted about it and it sounded too delicious not to try.  Random, right?  Get her directions here.


While I was waiting for the cabbage to cook, I snacked on these rice crackers that are full of black sesame seeds and a definite hint of seaweed.  I got them from the Asian market near my work, which is coincidentally now my favorite place ever.

rice crackers

Having stuffed myself of cabbage, I am finding that a whole half of one might be too ambitious for me.  I’ve made it through three of the four pieces.

cabbage 2

I plan on spending the rest of the night watching something random on Netflix (The increasingly poor decisions of Todd Margaret anybody?) and zoning out on my knitting.  For those of you who don’t know, my sister is expecting and due in less than two and half weeks!  I am soo excited.  I am making the little guy a baby blanket and it’s mostly completed.  My night will probably also be joined by some of these- also found at the Asian Market.

coconut roll dessert

Because what night shouldn’t end with magical tales? 😉  Have a good one.

Important Update: I decided that I did indeed need some magical tales.  But upon further inspection in the kitchen, they are all gone 😦  I have now requested Evan to bring me some Asian sweets from the nearby convenience store.  Cross your fingers he pulls through, or I guess I will be.


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  1. Marie says:

    It is staying lighter longer! It at least 5pm before that beautiful sun goes down. 😉 Yay for new adventures!

  2. Valerie says:

    I like it gurl

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