Thanksgiving + cats = best. day. ever.

We actually had them for a whole week, which meant lots of cuddling, purring, and petting.  I used to not be into cats.  I grew up with dogs and I never thought that a cat could have as much personality or love as a dog.  While dogs are still my favorite, I now know that cats have as much love to give and a WHOLE lot of personality.  The plus with cats is that they are much easier to take care of than dogs.  This is important for people who are young and want to have a little more flexibilty in their schedule.  Evan and I are seriously considering getting one of our own! We’re going to wait until we get back from LA during Christmas to go check out cats.  I can’t wait!  Anyways, while my day started with cats, it soon moved on to mimosas and this!

monkey puzzle bread

This is monkey puzzle bread.  It is a holiday tradition at the Wignall house.  It pretty much includes everything you shouldn’t eat on a regular basis: biscuits, butter, and sugar.

Evan with monkey puzzle bread

Here is proof of some of the random things I make Evan do… hold breakfast up to the window so that I can get better lighting…

monkey puzzle bread

Doesn’t this look much better?  Breakfast and cooking took place at the house where Marie was dog-sitting, which also happens to be for someone we went to undergrad with. So random!  They have a three-story condo on Queen Anne.  It was super nice and cozy.  Anyways, the preparations began with pies, bread rising, stuffing, green bean casserole, squash, and pickle appetizers.  We ended up with soo much food!


pie and squash cooking

There was also some of this…because the house had an awesome fireplace and how could you not enjoy that on a holiday like Thanksgiving?


evan & marie on couch

As per the Seattle norm, it was rainy and cold out. At least the colors of Fall here still make it beautiful.  Can you see all the rain on the window?


Once everything was made, we headed over the 520 bridge to my aunt and uncle’s house for the feast.

t-day feast

Did I mention that there were only eight of us for dinner?  Crazy!

t-day feast

Marie made both the pumpkin and apple pies. The apple was a-mazing!  Perfect melt-in-your-mouth crust with apples from her yard mixed with cinnamon.  Seriously my favorite thing I ate all night.

apple pie

After our giant feast, we played Apples to Apples– a family favorite.




It was nice to relax and spend time with family.  This was my first Thanksgiving with my Seattle relatives (which of course also includes Marie) and I feel so blessed to have so much family close by.  Living here definitely wouldn’t be the same without them.  Here is a random picture of the second fireplace we had for the day, it looks as cozy to me as Thanksgiving feels.


And for Evan and I, the day ended much the way it started–with two cats and lots of cuddling.

cat cuddling

It has been a little lonely without the cats around these days.  I keep coming home and looking for them on the bed or for signs that they’re been lurking around, or for warm spots where they may have been sitting.  But because of them, our thanksgiving was a little more special.


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  1. Karen says:

    Julia, I love waking up and reading your blog. They make me happy:) I always have a smile on my face after reading your writings. Thanks for starting my day off feeling good. LYM

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