Undocumented & Unafraid in Alabama

isacc and jonathan

These are my friends.  These are people I care about.  These are people who have taught me so much.

They have risked everything to do what they do.  They work harder than most people I know.  They rise in the face of fear.

They are undocumented and unafraid.


While most of us are worried about paying bills, having fun and enjoying life; these two students and 2 million more like them called Dreamers or Undocumented Youth are constantly facing the reality that they could be exiled from the place they call home.  Can you imagine what it is like to hear someone tell you that the place you call home is something you don’t deserve?  Something that’s not actually yours?  And living, knowing that your home could be taken away from you at any moment?  A home is what makes people be able to function.  It is the center of their universe.  It is the place where, when we have a bad day, at the end of it, we get to go home.


Yet these two dreamers and thousands more like them risk not being able to ever go home again.  It’s because they realize that humanity is bigger than that.  Letting each person have their five basic needs is essential.  So many people fight to end hunger, malnourishment and homeless.  Yet there are people everyday who not only are being taken out of their homes, but out of their communities, away from their families, and everything they know.  And yet we let this happen.  We decide that some arbitrary line in the middle of the desert separates certain people from rights that others shouldn’t have.

This summer, Issac and Jonathan were arrested in San Bernardino, California for civil disobedience while protesting one of the strictest immigration policies in the country.  Now they have been detained in Alabama for doing the same.  In Alabama, 13 students and 2 adults were arrested for protesting about their rights.  All were released except Issac and Jonathan.  Instead, they were transferred to a facility in New Orleans.

Please help them come home by signing this petition.

I know there are many of you out there that may not agree with this post.  Or agree that undocumented students should be allowed to stay in this country.

But these are my friends.  These are people I care about.  They are human beings.  And it matters to me.

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