Seattle Sniffles

I was fine all day.  Until the fateful bus ride home where it hit me like a ton of bricks.

The sore throat I’ve had on the back of my mind for days was suddenly unbearable.  The weight of pure exhaustion sunk me deeper into the old plastic cushion.  I started reeling in my head… realizing that I had been sneezing an awful lot lately and that there’s probably a lot of sick people on the bus… at all times.  My mind quickly turned to sleep, and lots of it. This is what I have been from about 5pm until now.

Quick Updates:

1)  I have a really great recipe I made last night for a dinner party for Landmark, which I now do not have the energy to post but I promise it will come soon!

2)  As you might notice, I’ve made some changes to anthrofoodie since last week.  I felt like a change of scenery was needed (maybe more on my end than yours!) and there are also two new pages: store and homemade!  The store page will be full of products I recommend.  I’m planning to explain why, but for now I’ve just added a few things to show you what it will be like.  The homemade page will be all knitted/jewelry goods made by me!  I have some things ready to post, I just need to take photos.  agh!  I will probably make this a link to my new etsy store once it is complete, so I’ll let you know.

3) I can never decide what I should put on my business cards as “what I do”.  I mean, I’m an anthropologist but what does that mean? I’m a blogger but I’m not 100% legit yet, I’m a customer service representative at work but I’m not interested in doing more of that type of work.  I’m a social media coordinator, an amateur photographer, a knitter… and who knows what else, but by the time I include all of that won’t people just be confused?

Anyways, I thought I would leave you with some recent photos taken by my lovely iphone.

Evan with reeds

Evan was super excited that his latest order of various woodwind reeds arrived.  I feel like this picture represents how much Evan likes doing what he does… something that many of us don’t quite understand.  It’s what makes him the person he is and the person I love <3.  Who else cuddles reeds like this?!

portage bay cafe brunch

On Sunday morning Evan and I waited in a long line for brunch at Portage Bay Cafe.  It’s literally around the corner from our house and it is always packed on the weekends!  Portage Bay uses only local, organic and seasonal ingredients and it makes for delicious meals.  This is the ham and cheddar scramble with lots of fresh greens, which I believe is mostly swiss chard.  YUM!  While the lines are long to get in, they offer coffee for waiting guests.  Since this weekend’s weather was sunny, Sunday was the perfect day to spend late morning/early afternoon outside sipping coffee and waiting for a table.

occupy seattle

Occupy Seattle decided to move from its downtown location to Seattle Central Community College in Capitol Hill– the school where I am taking a wordpress class.  There are tons of giant tents just hanging out in front of the school.  While I think downtown had more visibility, I’m glad they were able to set up a more permanent residence since they couldn’t stay the night in the park downtown.

carrots from farmers market

Evan and I go to the U-District Farmer’s Market every Saturday for our weekly goods.  This was the first week I had to go by myself.  How awesome do these multi-colored carrots look?  I have several posts I am planning to do about the market, so be ready!  We are lucky because this farmer’s market is about 8 blocks away and is one of the few open year-round.  Now that equals a happy Julia.

Alright, I’m off to chug another gallon of water and some emergen-c!

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  1. I’m so glad you’re back in action on the blog–I love reading them! Also, I’m jealous that you’re taking a wordpress class! I love the writing/cooking part of blogging, but the tech-y stuff usually totally confuses me.

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