Seattle Outings


This week has been filled with fun things and happenings in Seattle!  It has been great to get out of the house and see what’s going on in this city.

It all started this weekend when Evan and I took a walk on the Burke-Gillman Trail.  We live very close to the trail and it was a sunny, beautiful day and perfect for a sunset walk.Seattle Sunset

All of these photos were taken on my camera phone, so bear with me if they aren’t that great!  I like how you can see all of downtown and the space needle off to the right!

I-5 BridgeWe live just on the other side of this bridge.  I love how we are actually pretty close to the water.  I never really realized it before.

the wall of deathThe Wall of Death is an art installation below the I-5 bridge.  I don’t really know what it’s about…

This day ended with a trip to Marie’s house for delicious beet cake and a game of Settlers of Catan (a seriously awesome and addicting game– think of Risk and Monopoly mixed together).

On Monday night Marie and I went to Trolloween in Freemont and skit/concert/parade where everyone is dressed in costumes.  It was super fun!  I made my costume about 20 minutes before leaving and was a cat.  Marie on the other hand put a lot of work into hers….

marieA giant rubicks cube!!  I told she should make her costume almost a complete rubicks cube and it turned out everyone wanted to solve Marie’s costume.  It was pretty hilarious 🙂 Here is a photo from the skit/dance part of Trolloween.

skeletonsThe people with the tall hats were leading the parade.  They were pretty adorable!

paradeThe event was also joined by people wanting to start and Occupy Seattle in Freemont.  It was interesting to see the two events collide.  Here is a photo of everyone marching.  I think there were probably 300 people.marching

Tuesday evening was spent staying late at work, going to yoga with Marie and Christina and then hanging out at Marie’s house eating roasted elephant garlic on fresh rosemary bread….yum!  It was also spent tending to Marie’s almost dead fish 😦  we’re hoping Bubba pulls through but so far it isn’t looking good.

On Wednesday evening I went to my very first Sounders game with Marie, Robin and Robin’s dad.  sounders gameThis also turned out to be the last game of the season 😦  If they had scored 4 (we think) goals in this game they would have gone further in the MLS cup, but they only scored 2.  It was a super intense and fun game to be at!  I can’t wait to go to more games next season.  While sporting events are fun, I really enjoyed the Sounders game more than other sporting events.  I felt like I might be at a Quidditch game from Harry Potter with the all the scarves and tv images.  Needless to say, it felt surreal.

Finally, tonight was spent at the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square.  Since 1000Museums is located there, we are open extra late for people to stop by and peruse the discounted works we have in our office.  I am looking forward to a low-key weekend and getting some things done that I didn’t get to during the week!  This will hopefully include: knitting, grocery shopping, laundry, reading and cooking.

ALSO, tomorrow is my brother’s 24th birthday!!  So if you’re friends with him on Facebook, be sure to wish him a happy birthday 🙂 I forgot to get his gift in the mail, so that is also on my list of things to do this weekend.  Marie is coming over now to drink wine and hang out– living near your best friend definitely has its perks!





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  1. You should enter my fancy dress competition. Its just for fun 🙂

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