Great Expectations


I read a lot of blogs. Lots.

At first I was all about the food/health blogs.  I would constantly search out new ones to see whose I liked the best that had recipes and workouts I was into.  For some reason over the past six months I have gotten really into fashion blogs.  It started as mostly a DIY thing.  I love to DIY (Do it yourself), especially jewelry.  Then I found blogs that posted about random things that I was into or found interesting.  The next thing you know, I spend MANY hours a week reading random blogs about random things, clicking on links to other blogs or shops or who knows what.  Is there anyone else out there like me?!  The problem is that I really enjoy the time I spend reading these blogs.  I like to see how many blogs from all over the world trend in similar patterns, how they’re influenced by seasons or fashion shows.  For some reason this has all become super interesting to me.  Someone should hire me just to watch blog/internet trends, I’m already a pro.

ANYWAYS, the point of me telling you all of this is because I want to tell you what this blog will be about, so you know what to expect.  I thought about changing the little “short phrase” under Anthrofoodie that says “I’m an anthropologist and activist who loves food” but then I realized that there’s so much more than I could possibly fit in that bar.  And plus, then anthrofoodie as a name would stop making sense and then where are we?

Ok, so here’s my list:

Seinfeld national-honesty-day


1) Honesty.  I have seen the phrase “to be honest” several too many times on a blog and I am over it.  Look, I’m putting my name on this blog and pretty much my followers so far only include people I know, so yeah, I’m going to be honest.  I can see how writing “to be honest” could set readers up to think they’re getting a juicy little secret, but I hope you’ll find them here anyways.



2) DIY Projects.  For me, DIY is lots of things: cooking, knitting, health, reading, jewelry, etc. I am also working on putting together an etsy store, so stay tuned!


3) Life updates.  Including books I’m reading, food that I eat that I didn’t make, and probably a lot of other things I can’t think of right now.


4) Share the Blog.  Since you already know how obsessed I am with other blogs, you can expect that I will talk about them and some of the things I like about them.


5) Seattle. It’s a cool place and I hope to do some cool things and you get to hear about it.



6) Humor. I don’t really know what kind of humor I have but I think I have some, so expect to see it lying around.

slip carefully


7) Writing Imperfections.  I am horrible at grammar.  Evan still helps me figure out when I have two sentences that I magically turned into one (on my cover letter of all things!!)  I can’t explain it but I’m pretty sure I disappeared for English classes grades 6 through 10.  So if you see an error, now you know.  Also, I know I’m bad at it so if you see an error that is just driving you nuts, send me a private message and I’ll change it!  Hopefully I learn something about grammar along the way…


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