I’m back and ready to blog.

As many of you know, the past year has been busy finishing up school, doing my thesis research, moving, finding a job, knitting, reading, exploring, etc.  But after spending a long time away, I am so ready to get back into blogging mode (although, I’m totally sure I was ever in it seeing as I only had 17 blog posts before this!)  BUT that’s really not the point is it?

My plan is to blog regularly two days a week for now and see how it goes.  SO, you can expect updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Since this is the first post of the blog revival, I figured I should post photos of my new home.

Living Room

I think most of you know that I recently moved to Seattle because Evan got into doctorate school at the University of Washington– super exciting!  So that meant filling up every nook and cranny of blueberry (my two door toyota yaris) and heading north.  I miss Long Beach and Southern California everyday, but I also really, really like it up here.  SO, this is our living room.  We have a pink front door!  Hilarious.  The couch we got for free off craigslist and it sinks really bad, but for now it does the trick.  I had to go out and buy extra pillows because the back of it has zero padding.  The plant on the right would be Evan’s.  He really, really wanted a plant but now a bunch of the leaves are turning yellow (help, mom!).  The living room table we also got off craigslist and I love it.  On the table is my latest knitting project that I hope pans out into something cool.

Living room

The back wall of the living room I would call our “random area”.  This would be Evan’s desk, a bookshelf with random books, cd’s and, objects and tubs full of Evan’s music and books.  The shelf on the wall was here when we moved in…. who puts shelves up that high?!

Living Room

There’s my awesome lamp that somehow has made it from Iowa to California to Seattle!  Best. Lamp. Ever.  Hanging on the wall is a piece that I won at the OCDT Art Show and two pictures from the Long Beach Historical Society.  They remind me of things that I’ve done and how many amazing experiences I have had.  wine rack

The last tenant also left behind these wine racks that are just awkward… even more so because we never have wine in them!  There are too many good breweries/beers on tap in Seattle to spend my time drinking wine at home 😉  The other day I had a jasmine infused beer from Elysian Fields that tasted like a combination of tea and beer.  That may sound kind of gross but it was actually super delicious!


This bookshelf was donated to us by the Norheim’s.  One of their friends made it and now it has been passed down to us.  This is my bookshelf of everything really important to me: language books, cookbooks, photography books, meditation/health books, books I’m reading for my thesis and finally binders full of research.  It also contains my favorite tray that I got at a thrift store years ago and a halloween card from Angela!


This is the craigslist table that Marie picked up for us before we moved here.  The base weighs like 50 lbs.  But we absolutely love it!  The table and chairs are practically in perfect condition.  Oh and yes, that would be a study lamp on our kitchen table.  We both tend to use this as a study/eating/computer desk.  In fact, we are both sitting at it right now!  (Evan doing homework and me writing this post). The artwork above the table is from Evan’s sister, Amanda and it’s pretty freaking cute!


That’s right, our kitchen cupboards are green.  At first I wasn’t sure what to think about them but they’re kind of fitting for Seattle.

kitchen cart

Since our kitchen is tiny and has almost no counter space, we got this kitchen cart off craigslist and it is freaking amazing.  You will notice on the bottom shelf the waffle maker Marie got off craigslist for me and the 10 lbs. bag of chocolate Evan got from someone that works at Theo Chocolate.  It is probably actually more than 10 pounds.  Seriously.  Dishwasher

Our tiny kitchen came with some tiny appliances including this little guy!  I didn’t even realize when we decided to move into this place that it had a dishwasher, so it was a nice surprise when we got here.  Came complete with the “Don’t mess with Texas” sticker…


Tiny appliances has meant a tiny teapot and a mini french press.  So adorable!


We hung these hooks in our bedroom for more space and they have been extremely useful!

side table

Please ignore the mess on and around the side table and notice the awesome side table I found on craigslist!


And last in the series of photos is my desk– or lack thereof.  My desk is located in the bedroom and currently has all the things to put on a desk, it’s just missing the whole table bit.  I’ve been looking but I haven’t found one that will work well for me yet.  In the meantime, I get to hang out at the kitchen table with Evan :).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the tour of our place so far.  I know many people have been asking to see photos, so there you go!  As with any move, it is clearly still a work in progress but it feels nice and homey.  So far we are both loving Seattle.  While the weather is a bit cooler, the air is so fresh, I never have to drive because public transportation or my feet can take me everywhere I need to go and there is an AMAZING and cheap pho place just a block away.  I miss Long Beach because I miss the people but I think I would venture to say that I love Seattle because I love the place.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pastanotes says:

    Your apartment is so cool! And you are so lucky to have found all those great things on craigs list! I love your kitchen cart! I also have a tiny kitchen and could use one! And that dining room table is sweet as well! BTW are you reading The Hunger Games? I just started book 1!

  2. Erica says:

    Your place looks great Julia! I am glad that you like Seattle and it is already feeling homey! – Erica

  3. travis (beard) bos says:

    green cabinetry!? awesome!
    looks, and reads, like you guys’re settling in swimmingly up there.

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