Weird Everything

Weird weather. Weird sickness. Weird cravings. Weird obsessions.

It literally sounds like it’s hurricaning in the Southland today.  Whomever thought Southern California could have weather like this?  I keep thinking that a branch is going to crash through my window any minute or that I should be taking cover in a basement from the howling wind.  Instead, I have my heater going while wind breaks through my old apartment windows.  But honestly, I love a good storm.  If nothing else, it gives me an excuse to stay home in my pajamas all day and think about food and blogging and pretend that today is a “freebie” and that homework just doesn’t exist.  These are my “dream days”.

Today, unfortunately, is not one of my “dream days”.  Thanks to some weird sickness that has been plaguing me “officially” since Wednesday when I started to have a intermittent fever throughout the day.  But the tension/sinus headache has been going strong since Sunday!  Thank you to my dad who suggested it might be sinus-related and I have since added sudafed to my diet.  It seems to be helping a lot.  I decided to make myself stay home today, just to try and relax and give my body some time to heal.  This is a weird sickness for me because usually when I am sick all I want to do is sleep. And I will. Literally for 20+ hours straight.  I will have absolutely no urge to get out of my bed except to refill my water and go to the bathroom and even that seems rough. But this sickness has me antsy.  Which is weird because I’m also quite dizzy, with or without any sort of medication.  Can’t really explain that one, or the fact that I knit an entire “market bag” yesterday (pictures to come later).  So while my body has this extreme physical exhaustion, that like I explained to my friend,  literally makes it difficult to pick up my pen, to yesterday where I spent the whole day knitting.  I can’t explain this sickness and I can’t explain myself.

BUT, the point of all this rambling is that ever since visiting Seattle this past weekend and Marie’s roommate Christina baked some awesome bread in their breadmaker, I have had this overwhelming urge to make my own homemade bread. I had never done it before and I knew for a fact, that homemade is the best kind of bread there is.  At Thanksgiving and Christmas, I always get excited when my mom makes her homemade rolls.  So, I went on a hunt for a recipe that seemed to have everything I wanted in a homemade bread and nothing else.  This included, whole wheat flour, oats and honey.  I ended up finding this recipe online. Here are all the ingredients:

Kneading the bread made me feel like although I didn’t leave my pajamas (maybe for the second day in a row), I accomplished something today.  Watching the dough rise made me so antsy, I couldn’t wait to throw it in the oven and smell all the goodness!

While my first loaf was baking, I had computer crisis 2011 where it was taking forever to open and close programs.  I literally spent an hour closing programs and trying to restart my computer.  I then spent another hour trying to backup my computer and delete things from my harddrive, thinking maybe I didn’t have enough memory, which still didn’t help.  Then I spent another hour trying to get my homework assignments to print.  I was at my wits end, to the point of crunching my teeth, making low-deep grunts, and clenching my fists.  I started wondering if this was all due to the computer-beer crisis of 2010.  For those of you who don’t know, I spilled an almost completely full beer on my computer back in July.  I took it to the apple store where they told me there was nothing they could do, my computer was going to die a slow, painful death and I was just to sit back and watch.  Fortunately for me, it is still kicking but every time something goes wrong, I think, “oh no?! is this it? is it finally going?! dear god? what will I do without a computer? I’m a student in a computer-based age of learning! how will i survive?!”  (wow, my inside voice is dramatic)  But here I am writing as we speak.  Anyways, after all was said and done, I ended up going to kinko’s to print my homework since I still never got it to print.  Meanwhile, my first loaf was baking away.  While I was gone, Brittany had kindly taken it out of the oven.  I got home and when straight for the loaf.  Hence, no photos of the full loaf.  But it was all I had imagined.

Computer crisis melted away the more bites I took of this..

Here’s the other problem with my “dream days” that I imagine to be so perfect. I want to eat all. the. time. Especially when there are freshly baked goods around.

So fresh bread and strawberry jelly totally happened.  I’m one of those weird people where every single part of the bread has to be covered with whatever I put on it.  I can’t simply slather with abandon, instead I meticulously cover every corner and side.  This way, every bite is as equally delicious as the rest.  I think I consumed an entire half loaf today, maybe even more…  After all that snacking, I got hungry for a real meal.  Although it’s cold, windy and rainy outside and although i’ve been sick, all I could think of was a fresh, crisp meal, so that my insides could feel fresh and light.  Hence, this meal was born.

Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roma tomato, micro greens and of course, more bread. Apparently because of the weird weather, Trader Joe’s was out of fresh basil, so I decided to go with micro greens.  Not going to lie, they are pretty delicious.  I mean, nothing can replace basil, but they definitely satisfied my need for green.

The bread didn’t really go, but I couldn’t help to eat it.Yummy, yummy bite!

I don’t know how I ever disliked fresh tomatoes.  They’re my favorite with the crunch, the sweetness, the juiciness.  Overall, they might just be my favorite fruit!

In contrast to my “dream days” I also did homework.  Some reading and some writing and even though I haven’t felt the best, I’m feeling pretty accomplished.  I spent a good deal of time, in my newly invented homework nook.

Now, because all I can think about today is food, I’d like to end this posting with a photo of my dessert.

A juicy, delicious blood orange.  Smell like sweet tarts, tastes even better.  A weird day, weird weather, weird sickness, weird obsession with bread and jelly and weird cravings, must be topped with this.  I love the dark hue of the flesh and how the juice actually does look like blood.

**From my homework nook to yours, happy Friday! **


Question:  What is your “dream day”?

p.s. the very, very few photos I took in Seattle to come soon!


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  1. angelina says:

    That Prosciutto looks amazing. And I love how you still have your goofy lamp!!

  2. Jim Wignall says:

    Update: The computer is still dying.

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