Dinner. No, I did not eat all of it.  But it did only take 10 minutes to make.  Really not that exciting, but I was proud of my attempt.  It’s spicy italian turkey sausage cooked with yellow pepper and onions, then some trader joe’s mini potatoes and lettuce.

So I can’t usually eat peppers because I end up tasting them for like two days straight (gross, I know).  But I happen to love them and yellow peppers don’t seem to affect me as much as red and green.  I used to love raw red peppers on sandwiches and now I can only eat peppers cooked 😦  sad day.  But on the plus side, spicy meat is pretty much one of my favorite things; which is why my striving to be a vegetarian will probably always fail (that and raw fish!)

Awesome bite!  And yes, that’s Marge Simpson’s blue hair in the background.  This morning I went to the Obey Sample Sale with my sister.  I got some great stuff for Evan and myself for some pretty good deals (I’m already wearing some of my purchases!)  I should take some pictures of the things I bought later.  Today I spent the day working, writing description after description of newspaper articles… can’t wait to be done with that!  As we speak I have the Community Christmas Episode on!  How can you not love clay versions of the characters?!  So far, one of my favorite episodes.


I also wanted to tell you that I’ve been attempting to branch out and try some new things lately, they may be super simple, but for me, it’s a start.  I can’t even pretend to hide my ignorance when it comes to cooking.  I think what it all really comes down to is creativity and knowing the basics (which I still don’t know most of them).  But hey, that’s what I’m working on right?

Here’s one concotion I made that I really didn’t like.  It’s Chai Tea with almond milk.  I thought it could be delicious, but it ended up being waaay too sweet for me and just tasting funny.  I’m really picky about what I like to drink with almond milk.  I like it in coffee sometimes, but others it seems too watery.  I don’t know.  I’ve seen a lot of blogs that use almond milk for baking or making protein smoothies.

Do you use almond milk for anything?  What is your favorite milk-y drink?


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