Food & Family Galore

Since today has pretty much consisted of filming b-roll for our documentary in the rain and working on my proposal… I thought I would post about something a lot more fun!  Thanksgiving!  Evan and I spent the day at my sister’s house with Dennys’ family and Lori.  The girls did a lot of cooking (mostly Lori and Erin).  During the day we noticed some of our cousins posting photos of the day and we then decided we had to take pictures as well… as a sort of thanksgiving cook-off. I ended up no taking that many photos, but hopefully these will give everyone a sense of it 🙂  Did I mention that Claire and Dylan (Dennys’ niece and nephew) are the cutest kids ever?!

The appetizers

Lori’s salami and cream cheese green onions

Erin’s baked chickpeas

Lori’s pickles

The Turkey


Evan cutting the turkey

The Drink

Coconut cinnamon rum!  YUM!

The Cooking

Lori hard at work cutting up some capers for the amazing lemon and caper mash potatoes

The Setting

pretty  table setups

a relaxing ambience

a nice sunset

and never ending entertainment….

and hanging out with these people…made it a fun, relaxing day!

The Deserts

Lori’s mini pumpkin pies

Cake from a Korean bakery

and flan!


There was a lot more food that was made and consumed but I was too excited to try it all to take photos.  After all of this, including a singing performance by Claire and Dylan, the definite highlight came the next day when Erin called the fire department to complain about one of the neighbor’s high-pitched alarm that sounded like a fire detector going out of batteries.

Erin talking to the firemen.

Of course the alarm had been going off for thirty minutes while we were sitting outside but when the firemen came it didn’t go off at all.  We didn’t know where the alarm was coming from, just that it was from one of the houses or apartments behind Erin’s house.  After having about six firemen in the back yard waiting for it, Erin told them all to go.  We heard it again later in the afternoon but it sounds like it has stayed off since then.  Maybe seeing the fire truck made the neighbors realize they needed to get it fixed.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my thanksgiving.

Happy Weekend!


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  1. Karen says:

    Julia, you have a very good eye for photography! You capture the essence of the food!

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