Round 2= Success!

Quinoa round two went well.  I didn’t forget I was cooking, so that was a good start.  Check it out!

I definitely liked it a lot more with the red quinoa.

Brittany wanted me to take a picture of her food she cooked as well 🙂  She was proud of her cooking!  Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich made with questionable cheese (but I told her it was processed enough that it wouldn’t matter, so really I contributed to it being eaten)

There weren’t too many of us at the AGSA movie night but it was fun anyways!  We watched the movie Devil’s Playground about Amish teenagers who go out into the “English” world before deciding whether or not to join the church.  So with that, we decided to have an Amish themed potluck and yes, it was delicious.  Although mine wasn’t Amish, it was well received.

Maral’s Amish broccoli casserole

Brian really liked it 🙂

My plate of deliciousness!  A slice of Sharon’s shoofly pie, Maral’s broccoli casserole, and my quinoa!  YUM!  The movie was great too.  I’m really glad I was able to make this dish into something I was proud of.

Tomorrow I have my modern dance class in the morning, which I haven’t been to in quite a while and I think we may have a final coming up.  I hope I’m not too far behind!  Signing up for a dance class was probably one of the best decisions I made this semester.  I wish there was one I could take next semester, but there aren’t any one credit classes 😦  But I’ll find a way, I’m determined.  Tomorrow our final grant is due for class and I’m not really sure where we are on that.  I’ve really just been floating through this semester, not really sure where it’s all going– just hope I can make it through the next two weeks!  At least I enjoy editing our mini documentary.  I’ve found that it’s something I really like to do.  Now only for that darn proposal that has only been a thorn in my side for almost a year now.  How does time fly by so quickly?!


Check out my favorite food/exercise blog and the recipe for the apple cranberry quinoa here.


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