I was in the midst of making the apple cinnamon quinoa recipe from my favorite food blog  and managed to… oh wait… was I writing right now?  Yeah, I forgot I was cooking!  (I will eventually post a link to my favorite food blog but I’m too embarrassed to do it now!!)  I was distracted by the first episode of Top Chef Allstars with Anthony Bourdain as a judge.  Next thing you know I’m sitting on the couch, thinking about food.  Thinking food….food…food….WAIT!  THE FOOD! THE QUINOA!  HOLY CRAP!!!  I ran as quickly as I could to the kitchen, knowing it was already too late.

There were layers and layers of burnt quinoa in the pan.  I think I probably ruined the pan (I’m still waiting for it to cool down some more before tackling the mess).  To make things worse, it was my roommate’s pot!  AGH!  BUT, looking at the lighter side, at least the quinoa that wasn’t burnt looked pretty good!  Definitely better than my first attempt at this dish.

(Notice the intermixed burnt pieces!)

I was making this dish for our AGSA movie night tomorrow night.  We are going to watch Devil’s Playground and have an Amish themed potluck.  I looked into some Amish dishes but they were all full of mayonaise and crisco and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I figured this dish was a healthier take on a hearty side dish.  On the bright side, I get to make this dish again tomorrow (hopefully with a better outcome) before the movie showing.  AND my only goal while redoing this dish?  DON’T FORGET I’M COOKING.

To be completely honest I don’t really cook that much but I have a passion for flavors and good food.  I’m hoping that by starting this blog I will have more motivation to try new things that I actually make.  Since I am so inexperienced, I am fearful of creating anything on my own.  Sure, I’ve gotten brave in the past and made my own recipes, but they always seem a bit off.  I tend to stick to recipes I know or others believe to be good.  That’s why food blogs have become what you could say, a slight obsession of mine. There’s so many out there with unique, simple, everyday dishes that I can’t wait to integrate into more of my every day life.  Clearly I have a lot to learn.  Hopefully, whoever reads this will be able to take this journey with me.

With that said, I think we’ve just learned lesson number one of cooking! Really, it’s probably lesson negative ten…but let’s call it one, and take it from there.

Cross your fingers for me tomorrow! 😉


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