AAA Annual Meeting in New Orleans

I, along with two of my friends, Stacie and Valerie attended the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago.  It was our first time going to the conference.  It’s pretty much the anthropology conference of the year.  We were on an invited poster session from the society of visual anthropology where we presented on our new media enthographies we made last year in Dr. Wilson’s class.

Stacie and I with our poster!

We had the “best time of our lives” (in a ridiculously obnoxious voice).  It was really kind of amazing for so many reasons.  First off, we got our meeting programs which turned out to be quite the published work itself (588 pages).  We were immediately consumed and felt an urgency to get to as many sessions as possible.  After running from the airport to check-in, to the conference, and to a couple of sessions, we were starving and went to a recommended oyster bar for some dinner.  Studying our new found “bibles” while scarfing down some really good food, some local brews, and for Val, a hurricane.

Val with her hurricane and “bible” in hand

Stacie with the “bible”

After some serious bible studying came some much needed fun in the big easy.  We seriously laughed constantly for four days straight, not thinking of anything but what we were doing at that moment.  It was a pure miracle for three high-strung graduate students to have such a relief in the middle of probably one of the craziest semesters ever.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have needed a breath of fresh air (more like multiple).  Anyways, although the conference was amazing and really deserves an entire post of its own, what I really want to talk about it all of the amazing food I had on this trip (which will probably take more than one post considering the amount of pictures I have and the amount of memory I have per post). Anyways, Day 1, Wednesday, featured Acme Oyster Bar.  I was fortunate enough to travel with two people that like to share their food.  This created opportunities to try a lot more food!

Charbroiled oysters…

Fried catfish, shrimp and hushpuppies.

We also had a jambalaya, gumbo, red beans and rice combo but that was eaten up too quickly to get a photo.  After dinner we made a stroll down Bourbon Street.

It was definitely all I remember it to be.  After an Abita Amber and a fellow trying to subtly (but really not so subtly) convince us to show him what Bourbon Street is famous for… (he was very disappointed when we told him we were not those kind of girls and wished him good luck), we decided that we had had enough of Bourbon Street and headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.  Speaking of rest, I need some as well, and this homework isn’t going to do itself.  Day 2 to be posted tomorrow.




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